Law enforcement officers canceled the event due to warnings by the Spanish police.

In Rotterdam Dutch police at the last moment canceled the concert of the American rock band Allah-Las because of the threat of terrorist attack, reports Reuters.

Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb said that near the concert hall, the police stopped the van with Spanish license plates, which was a few gas cylinders. According to him, the driver of the vehicle is now being questioned by law enforcement agencies.

Aboutaleb confirmed that the concert of the American rock band was canceled because of the terrorist warnings from Spanish police. He did not specify what information was provided by the Spanish authorities.

The concert venue is surrounded by police.

Concert hall, where he was to speak in the group, calculated per thousand people, however, it is not known whether there was a full house .

Rock am Ring festival in Germany cancelled because of terror threats

We will remind, on August 17, the van drove into a crowd of people in the tourist centre of Barcelona. Later, another van drove into a group of people in Barcelona. According to official figures, incidents in Spain, 14 people were killed, 130 injured.

Responsibility for the attack claimed by the Islamic state.