Photo: Russia has said that it has destroyed all chemical weapons

The last of the supplies were destroyed in the Udmurt Republic, say in Russia.

On Wednesday Russia had destroyed the last chemical munition. This order gave the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the teleconference contacted Udmurtia, where he carried out the destruction.

Thus, as of September 27, Russia has destroyed all stockpiles of chemical weapons is 39 thousand 967 tons of toxic substances or 100% of the available stocks.

We will remind, in 1993 in Geneva, was opened for signature the “Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons”. It was joined by most countries of the world, although originally a document was prepared for the two States with the largest stockpiles of chemical agents – United States and Russia. At that time, these two countries were owned 99 percent of the world’s chemical weapons stockpiles.

The Convention, under which action is not subject to chemical weapons non-lethal effects, came into force in 1997. After that six countries – Albania, India, Libya, Russia, the United States and the state refused to mention in official documents, have announced that they have 70 thousand tons of toxic substances. The recycling program of chemical weapons started in the late 1990-ies.

We will remind, in April, Russia reported the destruction of 97.6% of the total stockpiles of chemical weapons.

In the US, promised a harsh response to the Syrian chemical weapons