In Russia boasted the creation of a new helicopter type UAV “Raven 777-1”, which is effective in electronic warfare and small arms. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

“Raven 777-1”
developed based on previous model “Raven 700”. Drones
family “the Raven” is already used in domestic power structures,
particularly in the FSB, for reconnaissance and monitoring.

As is known, the UAV already
passed the necessary tests. The bulk of the complex is planned in

Earlier, Russia presented the latest torpedo wet-1E, which has no equal in the military field.

The torpedo can hit the target at a distance of 25 kilometers, while
figure TE2-02 does not exceed 18 kilometers. The maximum speed of wet-1E on
the two nodes above, 50 to 48, in addition it can be adjusted continuously .