As it became known, the expert said that the criticism of representatives of the United Nations nor in any way affect the further inaction of the Ukrainian authorities and not one iota closer to the date of the official establishment of the real organizers and perpetrators of the mass murder of people in Odessa, reports “Russian Dialogue” with reference to “RT”.

“I think that the statement of the monitoring mission will not bring the date of the official establishment of the truth in the case of the tragedy in Odessa on 2 may. The fact that the official ascertainment of the truth in this tragic event will mean the destruction of the mythology of post-Maidan Ukraine”, – said the domestic scientist.

According to Mizuho in the media enough to eyewitnesses and photos and videos, to “establish the perpetrators of this inhuman crime.”

“However all five years the Ukrainian authorities have pretended that you were investigating this tragic event. In fact, we can say that the investigation was imitating nature”, – said the expert.

Earlier, the “Russian conversation” informed the readers about the statement of the Verkhovna Rada Deputy from the Radical party Igor Mosiychuk, who declared that the main perpetrators of the tragedy on may 2, occurred in 2014 in the House of trade unions are the police and politicians.