Photo: Getty Images In Russia, the courts are allowed to limit the possibility of media broadcast of meetings

Carry broadcast sessions from now on will only be with the permission of the court.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law allowing courts to restrict the ability of the media to broadcast court proceedings.

The document published on the official portal of legal information of the Russian Federation.

They make changes to the Russian Criminal procedure code regarding regulations and Protocol of the court session.

According to the amendments, to broadcast meetings from now on will only be with the permission of the court, and will indicate specific places in the hall, where they can lead.

“Photographing, videotaping or filming, and broadcasting of open court and on the radio, television or the Internet is allowed with the permission of the presiding judge in court session”, – the document says .

In addition, prohibited the broadcasting of the meetings on the pre-trial stage.

Also, when broadcasting you will need to specify the Protocol of the court session the name of the publication or website on the Internet, where they are being broadcast.

At the end of last year in Russia adopted the law on the use of means of restraint in prisons.