The head of the holding “Helicopters of Russia” Andrey Boginsky said about the readiness to discuss with the country’s defense Ministry the possibility of resuming production of a modernized anti-submarine helicopter amphibious Mi-14 .

Boginsky noted that the leadership of the Russian Navy wants to modernize the Mi-14, because there the need for an amphibious helicopter. A series of negotiations between the executives and representatives of the Russian defense Ministry is scheduled for June 2017. According to Director of “Helicopters of Russia”, he wanted to understand what is required from his company, and “what resources are underpinned by the wishes of the defense Ministry.”

Previously Deputy defense Minister Yuri Borisov reported that the defense Ministry has a serious interest in resuming production of the Mi-14. We will add that currently, these helicopters are not used in service with the Russian Navy, however, is partially in operation in the civil aviation Ministry.

In addition, the Mi-14 are actively used in Poland, where even was modernized in Ukraine (4 units) and Georgia (minimum 1).

According to preliminary idea, the Mi-14 will do a great job, subjecting them to large-scale modernization, then these machines will be used both in military and in civil aviation.