The first nuclear destroyer project leader plan to name Orlovym-Chesmensky. The name was chosen in honor of the Admiral of the Russian fleet of Alexei Orlov, who in 1770 victory over Turkish fleet in the battle of Chesma. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

The laying of the first ship
it is planned in 2018-2019. According to experts, the name “Orlov-Chesmensky”
emphasizes the historical continuity and tradition of the Russian

As noted by the designers
units, destroyers of this project will be named in honor of generals and
naval commanders of the XVIII–XIX centuries. Destroyers of the series will have a displacement of 17
500 tons and length more than 200 m. to Arm nuclear destroyers planned cruise
Kalibr missiles and hypersonic zircon. From threats from the air combat
the ships will be protected by s-400 or s-500, and anti-aircraft missile and artillery
complexes Pantsir .

Previously we had blown up footage of the work of the Arab MLRS Multiple Cradle Launcher that is able to release 240 missiles.

Platform semi-trailer
there is a set of 4 rocket launchers, each of which can do a volley
of the 60 missiles. Recoil when shooting neutralize ten hydraulic