World news:Some demonstrators scuffled with passers-by, when walking on the street near the presidential residence Blue house.

In the South Korean capital Seoul, thousands of people came to the March to support former President Pak kin Xe, which is accused of corruption.

It is reported Bloomberg.

“Thousands of supporters removed from office by the President of South Korea Pak kin Hyo marched on Saturday in Seoul in protest against the court’s decision, which seems to be supported by the main charges against corruption”, – stated in the message.

As noted, the protesters chanted “Free the innocent President Pak kin Hyo” and called for the resignation of the President of the liberal moon Jae-In, elected in may.

Police did not name the exact number of marchers, however, one officer on condition of anonymity said that there were about eight thousand .

We will remind, the scandal around Pak kin Hye and her counselors and friends Choi sung SIL broke out after journalists found in a dumpster of a hotel tablet with classified documents, among which were texts of speeches of the President of South Korea. Later she admitted that in the first years of the post consulted with her friend during the preparations for performances and made it to the secret documents.

After that South Korea, a wave of protests in which participants demanded the resignation of the President. The demonstrators said that Pak kin Xe “not even the basic qualities to run the country”.

In December for the impeachment of Pak kin Hye voted by Parliament. And in March the constitutional court of South Korea supported the impeachment of Pak, after which it was removed from power. March 31, the ex-President was arrested and placed in detention.

Formal charges Pak kin Hyo was charged April 17. Its suspected of bribery, abuse of power and illegal pressure.