Executive Director of the Russian military historical society Vladislav Kononov

© Artyom Korotayev/TASS

SIMFEROPOL, may 19./Q. TASS Sergey Pavlov/. The monument of reconciliation, dedicated to the tragic events of the Civil war of 1917-1922, plan to install in Sevastopol, told TASS Executive Director of the Russian military historical society Vladislav Kononov.

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The Senator proposed to establish in the Crimea “monument of reconciliation” in memory of the Civil war

In Kerch will establish a Monument to Reconciliation

“A monument of reconciliation, we plan to open in Sevastopol on the Day of national unity on 4 November 2017. It will be installed in a picturesque place – on the street Boat, near a small Bay virtually opposite the Chersonese. The installation of the monument has been agreed with the authorities of Sevastopol”, – he said.

According to Kononov, now need to think not only about the reconciliation of “white” and “red” . “We need to think about reconciliation in a global way – reconciliation with its own history,” he said. On creation of the monument announced the collection of donations. It is assumed that it will be attended by representatives of the Russian emigration.

“Russian Exodus” and the Civil war

In November 2015, Prince Nikita Lobanov-Rostovsky, addressed to the Chairman of the Russian military historical society (RVIA), the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky with the idea of a monument symbolizing the civil reconciliation of the descendants of “white” and “red”. Offer RVIO to establish a memorial to 2017 in the Crimea received support
President Vladimir Putin and Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill.

According to the Crimean historian Vyacheslav Zarubin, researchers period the “Russian Exodus”, the name of a forced departure from the territory of the Crimean Peninsula troops of Baron Peter Wrangel and civilians after the capture of the Crimea by the red army, under the command of Mikhail Frunze, Crimean ports in Turkey was evacuated more than 145 thousand people.

“The evacuation happened after the breakthrough of the fortifications on the Perekop isthmus in November 1920. From the Crimean ports of Evpatoria, Kerch, Yalta, Feodosia and Sevastopol came 126 vessels, which is 145, 693 thousand persons, from them 24 thousand Cossacks and officers, 10 thousand cadets and more than 60 thousand civilians,” he said TASS. The October revolution of 1917 is one of the largest political events of the XX century, took place from 24 to 27 October (from 6 to 9 November new style) 1917 in Petrograd (now Saint Petersburg).

The result of the revolution was the change of the political system, restructuring of economic, cultural and social spheres on the basis of socialist principles. Was launched a civil war in which, according to various historians, killed 8 to 13 million people.