Conference Skolkovo Cyberday 2017, which will be held in the Innovation center “SKOLKOVO” on October 25 devoted to the topical issues of development of technologies in the field of cybersecurity.

The forum will bring together experts who will discuss the development and future of the industry. The organizer of the annual event has become the information technologies cluster of the SKOLKOVO Foundation.

The rapid development of modern payment technologies, Internet of things, cloud systems not only creates benefits but also new threats for companies and users. Appear human, technological and economic risks. How to protect yourself in a market where a new era of artificial intelligence? At the conference on these and similar questions will search for the answer by qualified professionals . The reports will present theorists and practitioners in the field of information security, among them: the President of the Association of professionals in the field of information security RISSPA, Deputy General Director for technology and business development, Informzaschita Evgeny Klimov, General Director of “Avalanche Pulse” Andrei Masalovich, program Director of the IBM Security Tiger Team Michel Bobillier, a leading adviser on information security, IBM in Russia and the CIS Oleg beksinski, CEO of SolidSoft Denis Gamayunov, Director operating the information technologies cluster of Fund “SKOLKOVO” Sergei Khodakov, and many others.

The purpose of the conference the organizers have designated as “the Definition of new technological approaches and solutions, which would provide information security with the rapid integration of information technologies in business processes of companies.”

Director operating the information technologies cluster of Fund “SKOLKOVO” Sergei Khodakov believes that the development of information security technologies is a priority direction of activity of the cluster of information technologies. “We are pleased to share accumulated experience in the framework of Skolkovo Cyberday 2017. Among the clients of our participants: Citi, Microsoft, Rostelecom, Sberbank, Alfa Bank, Qiwi and others. Many of the implemented projects in the field of IB has already gained a leadership position and is recognized at international level. Thus, was implemented the first technology in the world of quantum blockchain; developed one of the best systems in the world in the prevention of cyber attacks and detection of malware, which analysts from Forrester was awarded second place out of the 30 unique. In addition, a software platform for determining the authenticity of digital documents and protection against digital fraud that took prizes at international competitions projects – SWIFT Innotribe Singapore Slush 2017 and 2017”, – said Sergey Khodakov.

Main topics of the conference Skolkovo Cyberday 2017 will be: “Key issues of cyber security in the banking industry”; “Artificial intelligence and the future of cybersecurity”; “the Role of social, behavioral and innovative solutions in the field of cyber security”; “Key problems of information security of cloud services”.

In addition to reports on current topics, the conference will be the final school of cyber security, which will be held on the eve of Skolkovo Cyberday – from 23 to 25 October. The specialists of Kaspersky Lab, Positive Technologies, SiteSecure, teachers of the Moscow Polytechnic University will hold a series of workshops. Also there will be a conference “the Reality and practice of information security in process control systems”, where representatives of the leading Russian companies will share their practical experience of implementing information security systems in automated systems of technological process control. Expected and exhibition of innovative projects of technological companies will present the future developments of information security from the resident companies of the SKOLKOVO Foundation.