Another lie from the authorities.

Another lie of “local officials” in the campaign for Pro-government candidate identified in Slonim, writes the website

The first lie recorded in Slonim secondary school # 8, where instead of a parent meeting a meeting was held the Pro-government candidate for “deputies” from Slonim constituency No. 58 Valentina Semenyako children. Although the announcement of the parent school Assembly was written by the headmaster Ivan Mihalcea. But instead of the parent meeting there was held a meeting with the candidate for “deputies”.

The second lies in Slonim appeared in the secondary school № 2. On the website of the district Executive Committee says that the meeting Semenyaka with its Trustees will be held on November 1 in the school № 2 of Slonim in 10 hours. To attract people in the workplace to a meeting at the school posted an announcement that in 10 hours there will be a meeting of the literary club “the Land where we come from”, and invited to a meeting of the members of the Union of writers of Belarus voytko and Semenyako.

Mandatory meeting was supposed to be 2-3 librarians from all libraries of the city and district, as well as teachers of school # 2. Imagine: and it’s during working hours… That’s what “great writers” came to Slonim, where they are driving listeners and viewers, using the administrative resource and lies local “local officials”.