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PRETORIA, December 17. /Offset. TASS Alexander Panov/. Once the final contest of the most beautiful and charming married women – “Mrs. world” was held on Saturday in Ekurhuleni, a suburb of the largest city of South Africa, Johannesburg. The new Queen and the winner of the title for the year 2018 was chosen as a representative of Hong Kong Alice Lee Gianetta, and Daria Reut from Belarus entered the top three winners.

If the contests “miss” the attention of the jury focused primarily on the external data of participants, selection criteria and “Mrs.” also include their compliance status socially active women who were able to serve as a positive example for their society. An important stage of the competition is the interview with the jury.

“It is very important to present your role model”, – explained TASS the representative of Singapore Usnama, Bushes, before her marriage in time to win several national and regional beauty contests for the title “miss”. Third place winner Daria Reut, in addition to his work as an editor at the journal covering social and cultural life of Minsk, participates in several social projects, including activities for the socialization of refugees from Ukraine and Afghanistan, and Nicole Capper from South Africa whose youngest daughter suffers from a rare congenital disease, is engaged in public activity in the health sector.

Tradition and modernity

Just this evening on the podium of 40 beauties, first brought to the audience in a specially prepared designer dresses, stylized national costumes and swimsuits and finally in evening gowns. “National” costume Anne Spielman from Novosibirsk, combining such rare items as upgraded headdress and pants, in her confession, is a product of the collective creativity of the whole group of designers working on a way that expressed the Russian alloy of tradition and modernity. “We wanted to present not a historical costume but modern Russian women, which honors the traditions of his country, but it has firmness, purposefulness, desire to grow and to conquer the summit”, – she explained.

The representative of Belarus and her team, preparing for the parade of national costumes, made a choice in favor of the image, inspired by the impressions Dior – the hat and coat with elements of national symbols of their country. “On it you can see the forest, which is rich in Belarus, living in their animals and birds, and deep blue color of the coat symbolizes our rivers and lakes,” explained Daria Reut. Perhaps it is a good selection of stylish original suit provided the jury’s sympathy to the Belarusian “Mrs.”, yielding only to representatives of Hong Kong and Costa Rica. However, she herself, without undue modesty, attributes his success, rather, charm and a smile, stressing that “not the dress makes the woman, and a woman dress.”

The main result of their participation in the contest Daria believes that she was able to glorify Belarus, on which the inhabitants of Africa, little is known. On the other hand, a visit to South Africa helped her to get rid of some stereotypes about the dark continent. “I said where are you going, there dangerous!, and I imagined this, you know, typical of Africa, inhabited by tribes… Arrived here, I was struck by the extent to which it is a developed country with a high standard of living and a wonderful natured people”, – said one of the participants his impressions of South Africa.

Beauty contest as a source of inspiration

Not win places on the podium the Russian woman, however, also remained very satisfied with their participation in the contest. “I don’t refer to it as to the ranking and at the first stage realized that the most important thing for the participants of the beauty contest, strange as it may sound, don’t wait for you to be appreciated,” admitted Anna to the correspondent backstage scene after the event. The opportunity to represent their city and country, to set an example for family and others, to meet new people from other countries and gain new experience – for it is much more important.

“The idea to participate in the competition for “Ms.” first came to me when I was sitting at home on maternity leave and I have accumulated a lot of energy that I send somewhere in the right direction. So, to find myself and get some discipline, I decided to compete for the title of “Mrs. Novosibirsk”, which won,” recalls the beginning of his long journey to Johannesburg Anne. The next step was the victory at the national contest in June 2017, the main prize which was an honour to represent Russia on the international arena.

On the usefulness of the participation in beauty contests Russian missus said with certainty, Recalling his own experience, and the changes that happened to her over the past year. “My first motivation to participate in the contests was the desire to be an example for his son, but then I moved on to a higher level and are now engaged in social projects, by establishing an organization that helps single elderly people”, – proudly says the Russian participant. Public attention, she stresses, not only provides the winners of the competition new opportunities, but also imposes on them an additional social responsibility. “Therefore, I am convinced that such competitions are important and useful, because they help a woman not only to be a role model for others, but also to be inspired by itself,” – says Anna.