Photo: a frame from the video In Madrid parachutist hanging from a lamppost

During a military parade in honor of the Spanish parachutist hanging from a lamppost. After a few minutes he managed to get down.

One of the paratroopers who opened a military parade in Madrid on the occasion of the National day of Spain, clung to a lamppost upon landing. At the ceremony, held on Saturday in the capital, attended by king Philip VI, who is also commander of the armed forces of the country, reports the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

After he heard the national anthem of Spain, the start of the holiday gave a jump of two parachutists. One of the soldiers, the feet of which was attached a large flag of the Kingdom, while landing snagged on a lamppost, and hung on to him. After a few minutes he managed to get down. As a result, as reported in the government of the country, the parachutist was not injured.

The monarch arrives to the celebration accompanied by his wife Leticia, heiress to the throne of Princess of Asturias Leonor and Infanta Sofia. From the stands for the parade has also seen members of the government of Spain, the heads of both chambers of Parliament, leaders of various political parties and the leaders of most of the Autonomous communities. The head of the Cabinet of Catalonia Kim Torr ignored the celebration.

The celebration began at 11:00 local time (12:00 Kyiv time). The parade was attended by about 3.5 thousand soldiers of different types of troops and more than 100 vehicles. In the procession also participated the representatives of the national police, civil guard and rescue services and Maritime safety.

In the air parade was involved 76 aircraft, including fighter jets, transport planes and helicopters that flew over the Paseo de La Castellana in Madrid. During the festival, the aerobatic team of the Spanish air force has painted the sky in colors of national flag of the Iberian Kingdom.

The festival aims to perpetuate the state’s role in the discovery of America. The official date of this event is considered to be October 12, 1492, when Explorer Christopher Columbus led a Spanish expedition in search of the shortest sea route to India reached the island of San Salvador. This epoch-making event was celebrated in the Kingdom as a national holiday since 1958.

Earlier it was reported that at 22, U.S. marine was injured during parachute jumps. The part of the military personnel during the execution of the task landed outside the designated square on the trees and were injured.

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