The explosion killed one person.

The explosion in the drug lab in the Spanish town of Alcanar (province of Tarragona, Autonomous community Catalonia) explosion – one person was killed, seven injured 7 people. One of the victims is in serious condition in hospital, according to radio Cadena Ser.

According to the publication, on Wednesday evening, around 23.00 before the explosion occurred, the fire that destroyed the house. Inside were two people: 1 died, the other was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

It is noted that just from the shock wave damaged 12 nearby houses. In addition, the 6 residents of neighboring houses also were injured, 3 got medical assistance on the spot, 3 more were taken to the medical facility.

Among the injured are the citizens of France, Italy, Morocco and Spain. Currently, police are investigating the cause of the explosion. So, the incident could occur because of a leak of butane gas .

We remind that on 17 August the van at high speed crashed into a crowd in the streets of the Rambla in Central Barcelona. Driver after hitting on passers-by fled the scene. Later, there is evidence that there are two suspects, and they barricaded themselves in one of the restaurants in the city centre.