The members of the security forces of Sri Lanka on Friday conducted several raids in the East of the country, during one of which occurred three explosions, reports CNN, citing the police.

In particular, during a RAID in the area Kinda-Marudu in the town of Kalmunai police were forced to engage in a gunfight. In the area of operations has occurred three explosions.

Police did not specify the nature of the explosions and where they occurred. Also not reported about their power and how injured anyone as a result of incidents.

In Samanthurai located 10 km from the town of Kalmunai, police found a stockpile of explosives and symbols of the terrorist organization ISIS and drone with a camera.

A series of blasts occurred in three hotels and three churches of Sri Lanka on Sunday, when the Catholic world celebrated Easter.

The explosion killed 253 people. The police of Sri Lanka has detained more than 70 people on suspicion of involvement in the bombings, however, does not exclude that the part of the suspects still remains at large.

Responsibility for the attacks was assumed by the terrorist group “Islamic state”.