Peter was a rare occasion to get acquainted with a retrospective of French art of the XX–XXI centuries. Paris I‑Gallery. Intelligence launched the exhibition at St. Petersburg gallery “S. P. A. S.”. The intriguing title of the exhibition — “the Dotted line”. Eleven names eleven projections on the line of the history of the past decades from the 1920s to the present day.

photo: From personal archive


The work of each of the represented artists — phenomenon in the history of French art, which allows to understand and evaluate the main trends of its development. Go through the names and styles.

Jacques Nestle — friend and disciple of Picasso. The style works Nestle finally formed in the 1930-1940’s. Juicy, thick lines are equally good in sensual female images and abstract compositions. Almost all his work has sold to private collections — rarely do they go to exhibitions . Only the will of the owner, as happened now thanks to the generosity of Madame Danielle moss.

photo: From personal archive
Jacques Nestle.

IDKA — alias the oldest of the modern French artist IDA Cohen. She came to art in the 1940-1950-ies and since then has remained a recognized leader, continuing the tradition of the classical French school of impressionism. It is characterized by bright colors, broad stroke, bold combination of figurative and abstraction.

Abraham Hadad is one of the leading French painters, and the Creator of his own school. Began painting in the 1950s, when the French art of abstract rules. The artist has managed to create your own hero and the world around him. Character Hadad easily recognized by his wide-open eyes, round eyes. In each picture, there are quotes referring viewers to the French school of abstract art.

photo: From personal archive
Jacques Nestle.

Jean-noël L Armiero — artist, photographer, belonging to the middle generation of modern French authors. His style was formed in 1970-1980‑s. the Author combines photography, painting, and sculpture into a single polyptych. L Ermler worked with major fashion magazines in France, among them Elle, Harper’s Bazar, Marie-Claire.

Daniel Convenant — master, consistently developing his theme in art, the maximum expression of an inner personal world of the author in each work. Expression patterns based on the rhythm of music black tones.

Veronica Page — the artist, formed in the 1980-1990‑s. Her work is based on color and compositional dissonance, which gives them the drama and plot depth.

Emma, HENRIOT artist, featuring unexpected plot and colour, dynamic and expressive paintings.

photo: From personal archive
Nellie Schwartz.

Nellie Schwartz is the artist who develops the tradition of Suprematism. Her work is characterized by a constant search of equilibrium shape and material.

Natalie DuPont-Dutra — artist, maneuvering between figurative art and abstractions, faithful to the classical impressionism.

Herve Ingram and Pernell Deville — the younger generation. Their work belongs to the twenty-first century and anticipates the future of French art, which, most likely, will be based, as is proved by a brief digression on the constant search of forms and formats, bold story decisions, great figure and a smear.