The tragedy happened in Kupchino. 11-year-old boy with their peers was on the roof of one of the buildings and to impress guys, tried to repeat the stunts that he saw in a movie about parkour.

According to “Russian conversation”, a young thrill-seeker tried to perform a difficult trick, but to repeat what experienced doing parkour enthusiasts, he couldn’t.

The tragedy happened on the street Bela kun. At some point, 10 year old nick, trying to impress girls with their acrobatic abilities, slipped and fell from the roof of the building down.

At the scene immediately arrived brigade ambulance. The crippled boy was taken to the hospital Ruhfus. The doctors five times tried to run the heart of little Nicholas, but all their attempts were in vain .

It is noteworthy that the tragically deceased boy was not a member of the so-called “groups of death” and not interested in the extreme. Recently, however, he post a lot of memes about Diana Shurygina.

“Russian conversation” previously wrote that in Ust-Ilimsk the two girls decided to commit suicide by jumping from the balcony of a skyscraper. Both of them were in the so-called “groups of death”.