In St. Petersburg the night of July 20 in the subway at the station “Pushkinskaya” the conflict occurred, during which 36-the summer native of Dagestan made a stabbing, reports “Russian conversation” with reference to “Fontanka”.

A man stabbed two deaf-mutes who have not replied to his question “did You go out?”. He got the first one twice, second one.

Stood up for the victims 26-year-old local resident. He managed to knock the knife from the hands of the attacker, then he pulled the opponent to the platform, where the arrived law enforcement officers.

As it turned out, this is not the first problem with the law of the detainee. He was previously convicted for intentional infliction of health damage of medium gravity and the use of violence against a representative of authority in the performance of his duties. The last three years he worked construction in St. Petersburg, but the week before he resigned. In Derbent he left a wife and child.

The victims were citizens of Ukraine. Im 33 years old, both deaf. With wounds in the chest, they delivered in medical institution. The victim made surgery, their condition is estimated as heavy.

In fact the incident a criminal case.

Earlier it was reported about the mass stabbing in Moscow.