Rebels from different parts of Syria are flocking to the North-Western part of the country, creating a “second Islamic state”, reported American journalist and former prisoner of al-Nusra Front (banned in Russia – ed) Theo Padnos, warning that the West is blind to what is happening in the world.

According to him, the reports of the Western
Media about the Syrian crisis are inadequate and biased, and most of the facts about Aleppo
are false or unprovable, and the emergence of the “second Islamic
state” (banned in Russia – ed.) is completely ignored.

“I think that the Western
understanding what is happening in Syria, inadequately, said Padnos. They
don’t know what is happening on the ground, they either do not understand the language or they don’t
to understand the meaning of the video, or their informants, possibly biased” .

“In the North-West of Syria
there is something very dangerous and alarming, because the second Islamic
state”, – he stressed.

He also warned that
a new terrorist group has “tons of weapons”, noting that
it includes rebels who defeated the Syrian army in Aleppo, HOMS, Daraa and
the suburbs of Damascus. Especially they are active in Idlib province, subject to the laws
of Sharia, which include shooting people in the streets.

We will remind, the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad has called the exact timing of the fall of ISIS. He suggested its own name to U.S. actions on Syrian soil.

According to RT, the English – translated version of “Russian