The Russian military in Syria (archive photo)

In the security corridor came the Syrian border guards and the Russian military police, said Sergey Shoigu.

The withdrawal of troops from the security zone in the North-East of Syria in accordance with the Sochi agreement completed ahead of schedule. This was stated by Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, RIA Novosti reported on Tuesday, October 29.

“The withdrawal of armed units from the territory, where should be created a security corridor, ahead of schedule finished. Went there and the Syrian border and our military police,” – said Shoigu.

He added that more than 100 square kilometers of territory have been cleared, neutralized a large number of different explosive devices – mines and projectiles to the ammunition reactive systems of volley fire.

As you know, October 22, ended a 120-hour cease-fire in Northern Syria, the Kurdish left the area of military operations of Turkey, after Ankara announced the cessation of hostilities, which began on 9 October.

On October 23, the presidents of Turkey and Russia signed a Memorandum on Syria, who in particular suggested the introduction of units of the Russian military police on the Syrian side of the Syrian-Turkish border.

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