Photo: laszlolaw Tourists in Thailand were allowed access to marijuana “for medical purposes”

Initiated by the local Ministry of health, who issued two decrees concerning, in particular, approval of formulas of traditional medicines containing marijuana.

The Thai government has approved provisions that allow the production, possession and use of marijuana for medical purposes, reports The Nation.

“According to regulations adopted by the government of Thailand, cannabis can be used in medical applications and in drug investigations. The production of drugs based on marijuana should be conducted in “special cases”. Products of cannabis can be exported, they can be stored and used as local residents and foreign tourists. The availability of cannabis should not undermine the operation of the service for combating drugs,” writes the portal.

As noted by The Nation, informed the Ministry of health of the Kingdom have issued regulations relating to the use of marijuana in medicine is for doctors only. At the same time, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Thailand proposed to undertake a campaign to inform residents and tourists about the dangers and benefits of cannabis.

“Chemicals derived from marijuana, can be useful from a medical point of view, but each element has a different intensity and different impact on health and the human psyche”, the portal writes, citing Department of mental health of the country.

Previously the acting Minister of health Suprun described the number of patients that need cannabis. The Ministry of health supports the resolution on the use of medical cannabis in Ukraine, it will help more than 2 million patients.

Recall, the Verkhovna Rada Committee on human rights has supported the e-petition on the legislative settlement of medical cannabis, scored on the Parliament website more than 25 thousand votes.


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