Us Congressman Brendan Boyle said that in the agenda of the U.S. house of representatives introduced a bill to strengthen cooperation between Ukraine and USA in the field of cybersecurity, reports “Voice of America”.

“Well, what the Republican party leadership in the House of representatives agreed to amend the agenda a vote on my bill, which has support in both parties and will help Ukraine to defend its cyber security from Russian aggression,” wrote B. Boyle on his page in Twitter on Monday.

According to “Voice of America”, Congressman B. Boyle introduced a bill on cooperation with Ukraine in the field of cybersecurity in 2017.

“This bill will strengthen cooperation in cybersphere with our closest ally, Ukraine, which was the target of cyber attacks Russia”, – he commented.

The Congressman expressed hope that the vote in the House of representatives could take place as early as Monday .

To be effective, the bill must be approved by the House of representatives and the Senate and signed by the President of the United States.