The remnants of the burst tire found on the runway

The plane of the Israeli airline “El al”, carrying out flight on a route tel Aviv – new York city, was forced to return to the airport Ben-Gurion, about one hour after departure, as it turned out, that during takeoff, he had a burst tyre of one of the chassis. It is reported

Remnants of burst tires were discovered on the runway due to the electronic system that tracks everything that happens on the airfield. Service dispatch reported the accident the crew of the aircraft, and the pilots, in consultation with the operational headquarters of the airline, decided not to risk and to return to Israel .

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The aircraft on Board of which there were about 400 people, made a u-turn over Turkey and headed for tel Aviv and at the airport Ben-Gurion started to prepare for landing in emergency mode – in such cases, the safety rules require the presence on the airfield of firefighters and ambulance.

The Boeing landed safely and after repairs flew again to new York with a nine-hour delay.

As reported in the Lviv airport from Kiev reported about a bomb on Board the aircraft Lviv – Istanbul.

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