Representatives of the research world managed to identify in the Amur region unusual the dancing skeleton. Data excavation was conducted after the flood in 2013. Only areas found 45 tombs, but one has attracted special attention of scientists. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

The grave was
designed not as a neighboring burial. Other graves had the form of uneven
circles and were covered with earth. But “dancer” was buried in
a rectangular pit, covered with white sand which is not found nearby,
sand brought from somewhere else.

This finding is dated
VII—IX centuries ad Found dancer belongs to the people of Mohe (muqri).

Earlier in Salzburg, Austria, scientists have unearthed a prehistoric mobile phone.

As stated by scientists,
cuneiform refers to the discovery of Sumer (3500-3000 BC) and was one of the
the first systems of writing . Until the XIX century, many researchers struggled
deciphering the mysterious characters of the ancient people.