In the anti-corruption authorities received no clear statements and complaints regarding possible violations of human rights dismissed the head of the SFS of the Roman Nasirov during procedural actions, – said the Director of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) Sytnyk.

“Protection (R. Nasirov if.) moved into the plane of Facebook, and not criminal proceedings. We have no clear complaints, applications, applications not received”,- said A. Sytnik in channel 5 on Wednesday evening.

According to him, documents from the defense and the Nasirova “declarations”. “If we talk about specific violations, as far as I know, neither NABOO nor in SAP such specific allegations have been reported,” – said the Director of the Bureau.

A. Sytnik expressed confidence that the evidence base in the matter of R. Nasirov sufficient . “After the detention and arrest of the head of the fiscal service we carried out a number of investigative actions and interrogations of his subordinates, and we obtained substantial additional evidence of this suspicion. So if we are talking about this specific case, I have no doubts at all there,” – said A. Sytnik.