Aesculapius from the Argentine hospital in Cordoba captured on video the Ghost of a child who appears several times a day. Now this part of the building is almost never used. The clinic staff called poltergeist prizrakom 500 palate in honor of Boxing, next to which first noticed malysa. About it writes the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

According to workers
medical facilities, it may be the Ghost of a child who many years ago died in
The 500th house. Some critics did not like the video quality, and generally
they had a lot of doubt about this relative of the Ghost.

However, doctors from Cordoba
say that not once noticed the presence of supernatural forces in the building.

Earlier in Chile paranormal entity threw the knife at the police.

Police did not initially
believe nonsense guests, and jokingly turned to the poltergeist . Response entity
was brief – in an unknown way in the back of a guardian of the law stuck a knife. To
fortunately the vest saved COP from premature death.