Photo: Russia and China have planned military exercises

The exercise will involve about ten ships of various classes, as well as more than ten aircraft and helicopters.

The press service of the defense Ministry reported that in the Baltic sea from 21 to 28 July will be the first stage of bilateral Russian-Chinese naval exercises Naval interaction − 2017.

It is noted that the exercise will involve about ten ships of various classes, more than ten aircraft and helicopters of the Navy of Russia and naval forces of China.

The objectives of the exercises marked “increase of efficiency of interaction between the two navies to combat threats to Maritime security, working out the coherence of actions of crews of the Russian and Chinese warships, strengthening of friendship and cooperation”.

Active phase of Russian-Chinese maneuvers will be held from 24 to 27 July in the designated area of the Baltic sea.

The first exercises Naval interaction was organized in 2012 and has since been held on a regular basis with consistent complexity of tasks and level of coordination.

The Russian Ministry stressed that the exercise is not directed against other States and is of Russian-Chinese contribution to the strengthening of security of the oceans.

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