While in the world carry athletic Championships in Belarus call to go to the matches.

19 Mar match “energetic BSU” – BATE will start 30-th championship of Belarus in football. At that time, as in the neighbouring countries stop sports championship in connection with the coronavirus, the Belarusian fans are encouraged to go to the stadiums, radio Svaboda reports.

The Chairman of the Belarusian football Federation Vladimir Bazanov assured that to worry about pandemic coronavirus there is no reason.

“Before the match for the super Cup of Belarus in the quarterfinals of the national Cup we posted on its website guidelines for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of new coronavirus infection. As for the stadiums, there is no special control on the inputs is not planned,” said Bazanov.

The championship of Belarus on football – the only European soccer tournament, which has not been stopped. Coronavirus was the cause of the postponement of the championship European football championship 2020. Deferred and the timing of the matches in the playoffs of the League of Nations, in which it was planned the participation of the Belarusians.

“Decisions about the timing of the international tournament takes League. At the moment, the match with Georgia was postponed to June, but we don’t have exact dates. In a recent statement, UEFA said that it all depends on how to develop the epidemiological situation. Pending a final decision we can’t talk about the team’s preparation,” – said on this occasion Bazanov.

Vladimir Bazanov also commented on the criticism on the police, the employees of which are marked by strict inspection of the fans.

“The other day in the House of football was held the meeting of representatives of the Ministry of internal Affairs with experts in security and work with supporters clubs of the highest and the first Belarusian leagues. I hope that in season 2020, we will be able to establish a constructive dialogue and to make progress in this direction. It is important that fans also went to meet and, where possible, in advance of coming to the stadiums,” concluded the Chairman of the Belarusian football Federation.