19 Nov tragedy
ended the work day for diggers at the cemetery in Monchegorsk (Murmansk
region). The cemetery was not yet completed, the workers just dug a trench,
to go to the drainage system installation drainage. At some point wall
the trench collapsed on the men, according to the Russian

Two workers,
which were not in the trench, rushed to rescue colleagues, but, unfortunately, in
this moment the ground collapsed again, burying victims and “rescue.”
A massive layer of earth, giving people left few chances to get out alive.
Save all failed, two were out, but their urgent
gave the arrived physicians, and the third died on the spot and another in intensive care.

the tragedy at the construction site had happened not so long ago, it is worth remembering the August collapse
the walls in Novosibirsk
during the work at the pumping station, 12 people were trapped, three of them died. At
the testimony of the survivors, they managed to run away from shaking
the walls at the last moment.