On the street in the center of Kiev began to remove the pavement to the start of construction of the National memorial complex of Heroes of Heavenly hundred. The Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine declare that the beginning of the process with them is not consistent, it can impede the investigative experiments in the investigation of cases of executions during the revolution of Dignity.

The head of the special investigations of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Serhiy Gorbatyuk said “Gromadska” that the investigator and the Prosecutor did not coordinate the beginning of work at the Institute, as investigative experiments are still ongoing and must continue for at least two weeks.

“I learned from the Museum that such permission was given by the Deputy attorney General, Anzhela Strizhevskaya. The letters we have not seen, it is provided without the knowledge of the investigator and the Prosecutor, illegally, with signs of interference in the activities of the investigator and Prosecutor,” – said S. Gorbatyuk.

According to him, is currently preparing letters to the developer to suspend work until the completion of the investigation.

The lawyer for the families of the Heavenly hundred Evgeny Zakrevsky said that the paving was removed directly from the place that was previously installed as the wound of one of the protesters. In this case investigative experiment incomplete, and such interference makes it impossible to conduct in the future.

“Today, 13 may, was planned investigative experiments in the part where off the pavement… All last week we continued investigative experiments, and this week were also planned. They are not something that are not completed, they are directly in the active phase now,” he explained.

As transfers “Radio Freedom”, the Minister of culture of Ukraine Evgeny nisoc said that the work started at the bottom of the Alley of the Heavenly hundred Heroes (formerly part of the street), where, according to him, the General Prosecutor’s office finished investigation experiments.

“At the bottom of the Alley over the investigative experiments, it gives us the ability to start the project on construction of the memorial part of the complex,” – said E. nischuk.