In the Chernihiv region killed 6 bombs during the Second world war




News of Ukraine In Chernihiv region bomb experts defused 6 bombs during the Second world war.

On 11 July, the specialists of group of pyrotechnic works and underwater mine rescue squad of special purpose control SSES of Ukraine in Chernihiv region killed 6 high-explosive bombs, including 4 FAB-50 and 2 – FAB-10 during the Second world war.

About it reported in a press-service of management of Public service of Ukraine on emergency situations in the region.

On the eve in the open area near page Kolychivka district, Chernihiv region, the local inhabitants stumbled upon a dangerous subject, what immediately informed the lifeguards. Before their arrival, finding the place guarded by the National police.

Pyrotechnics DSNs found that this 50-pound high-explosive bomb FAB-50. The additional examination of the adjacent territory, the bomb squad found three more units of the FAB-50 and two units of the FAB-10 during the Second world war. A special bomb was removed to a safe place outside the village and destroyed in the prescribed manner. In management noted that the range of fragments of each of the discovered ordnance is from 200 to 1000 meters.