In the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl NPP units of the State service for emergency situations together with employees of forest protection, State Agency for exclusion zone management continue to extinguish fires in Korogodsky and Denisovich forestry.

“The situation in Korogodsky forestry is fully controlled, brought all the necessary forces and means: 140 people and 30 units of equipment, including from gschs of more than 90 employees and 20 pieces of equipment. Taken measures to contain this fire,” – stated in the message of press-service gschs in Facebook.

In Denisovich forestry work continues in the area of the settlement of the New World, where there is a burning herbal forest floor and litter.

“In this area has attracted more than 250 people and about 60 pieces of equipment, including from gschs of more than 200 people and 40 units of equipment”, – underlined in the message.

The fire on the territory of Kotovsk forest on the morning of April 13 eliminated.

Just in the exclusion zone attracted by 390 persons and 90 units of equipment, including from gschs more than 300 people and 60 pieces of equipment, including aircraft.

The background radiation in Kiev and Kiev region in the normal range and does not exceed natural background values (Kiev – is 0.011 Mr/HR, Kyiv region – in the range of 0.012 Mr/h with an acceptable background of 0.05 Mr/h).

In the exclusion zone levels of equivalent dose of gamma radiation did not change (Chernobyl – 0,020 Mr/h at an acceptable level of 0.055 Mr/HR).

As reported, on April 4 at 13:22 in gschs reported that in the exclusion zone and unconditional (mandatory) evacuation zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant near Vladimirovka village Kotovskogo forestry emerged crown fire in the area of 20 hectares.