Photo: the plane fell out of the windshield

Chinese airliner was at an altitude of more than nine kilometers, when in the cockpit dropped the windshield. However, the pilots managed to land the plane.

Chinese aircraft of Sichuan Airlines with 119 passengers on Board and nine crew members made an emergency landing in the West of China after the cockpit had a piece of glass. The incident occurred on Monday, may 14, according to South China Morning Post.

It is noted that the incident occurred after hours of flight, when the Board was at a height of 9 to 100 meters.

The control unit of the aircraft flight suffered from sudden decompression.

The incident resulted in minor injuries to one of the pilots and crew of the vessel.

The airline officially announced the “mechanical damage” during the flight, without specifying the details of the incident.



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And in Britain, aircraft of the First world war emergency landing on the beach.


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