In October 2016, in Simferopol opened the chapel of the Holy Royal martyrs. The construction of Natalia Polonskaya started to charge more from the time when she was a Prosecutor of the Crimea.

In the centennial anniversary of the abdication of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II bust zamirotochila. The MP said on air of the TV company “Tsargrad”, reports “Russian conversation”.

According to Poklonski, she was called by employees of the Crimean Prosecutor’s office and reported that established near the chapel is a bust of the Emperor began to stream. The Deputy called it a miracle that nobody can explain, including scientists.

She saw this as a sign, which is the call to make Russia a great and prosperous power. The former Prosecutor of the Crimea added that the inhabitants of the Peninsula lead to the chapel children for healing .

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, Natalia Poklonskaya criticized the work of the Crimean officials, who are insufficiently responsible attitude to the execution of the instructions of Sergey Aksenov.