Czech policeman

The police has identified 11 illegal immigrants in a van with an instrument, fixing a knock in the human heart.

In the West of Czech Republic near the town of Sokolov law enforcement officers using the device, fixing a knock in the human heart, found in camper 11 illegal migrants. On 14 February told journalists the representative of police Zuzana Tyrov.

She said that under the control of the car uses the so-called heartbeat detector.

“This device is by means of the detectors detects the cardiac rhythm based on the heartbeat. In this case, the device is being aimed at the cargo compartment of the vehicle, recorded the presence of large numbers of people,” − said Tyrov.

According to her, in a car with Romanian registration number were 11 illegal migrants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Somalia, EN route to Germany. They all aged 16 to 36 years.

The driver of the van and his partner arrested together with illegal migrants.

Near Lviv in the refrigerator truck was discovered illegal immigrants

Earlier it was reported that the US detained 11 Chinese nationals who tried to illegally enter the country hidden in various furniture.

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