The Russian defense Ministry released a video which shows how the works during the construction of the large landing ship “Peter Morgunov”. As noted by the designers, the launching of the warship is scheduled this summer. About it writes the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

As noted, the new
BDK has formed the body and installed the onboard systems and equipment. “Peter
Morgunov” – the second ship of project 11711, which is based on
Kaliningrad shipyards. The first fighting ship “Ivan Gren” passes
state tests.

The main armament
ships of this project consists of a six-barrel automatic gun
30 millimeters with guidance by radar.

Previously, the Internet was struck by the courage of the Iraqi soldier, who went ahead against Shahid-mobile terrorists.

The driver, to cover
comrades from certain death, not only stopped a bomb on wheels, but was able
to survive, jumping at the last moment from his car . However, as reported in
comments to the video, he was wounded by shrapnel and knocked unconscious.