In 2018, the Russian Navy will adopt two new nuclear missile. One of the submarines, which should give the customer in the coming year is “Kazan” project “Yasen-M”, which launched on March 31. This year the unit will conduct expansion tests and start them with navigation. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

As you know, American
experts believe the above submarine is the most powerful missile submarines of the Russian Navy.

The second nuclear
the missile, which must be adopted in the coming year is
“Prince Vladimir” project 995А “Borey”. In addition to his
the company built four more submarines of this project – “the Prince
Oleg” (founded in July of 2014), “Generalissimo Suvorov”
(incorporated in December of 2014), “field Marshal Kutuzov” and “Prince
Pozharsky”, which will be the final ship of the series .

Previously, the Network got footage of firing submarines “Murom” and “Suzdalets” on enemy ships.

Black sea fleet ships successfully attacked with torpedoes the submarine of the conditional opponent. The exercise involved anti-submarine ship “Muromets” and “Suzdalets” with amphibians be-200 and the anti-submarine warfare bertoletova-27PL found going under water submarine and has spent on it training torpedo attack.