As noted in the defense Ministry, a new Russian helicopter will be able to accelerate to 500 km/h. moreover, the new unit will be equipped with high-tech avionics and navigation devices. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Last year, the Russian developers managed to create a prospective helicopter
overclocked to 405 km/h. This was achieved thanks to the new
the composite blades of the Moscow helicopter plant. As noted by the testers,
this speed for the helicopter is operational, but not a record.

On the most recent
design available very little information. As noted by the designers,
it is based on the Mi-24. The new helicopter will also receive night
vision, television and thermal imaging station to locate the targets and their subsequent

Earlier, the Swedish fighter JAS-39 Gripen has conducted flights on environmentally friendly biofuel CHCJ-5 .

It should be noted that
the unit worked exactly the same as work in nuclear fuel. In
tanks on the Gripen test flight filled biofuel CHCJ-5 without
impurities. In its qualities it is fully consistent with conventional aircraft
fuel JP-8.