Since the beginning of the antiterrorist operation in the Donbas killed 38 military medics, said the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

“In a combat zone on the front line of defense directly involved in the provision of medical care took about 3.5 thousand military medics. Of these, more than 200 were injured, 248 military doctors were awarded high state awards. 38 doctors, unfortunately, never returned from the battlefield,” said the President during his working trip to Pokrovsk (formerly Krasnoarmeysk) in Donetsk region on Wednesday.

He noted the high professionalism and hard work of military physicians in the conditions of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

“The scale of military medicine impress everyone. Since the beginning of military aggression against our state medical aid in medical institutions of the Ministry of defense received more than 10 thousand Ukrainian soldiers . 86 thousands of combatants you provided expert diagnosis and provide expert assistance, 3700 officers and soldiers were medical and psychological rehabilitation in sanatorium establishments of the Ministry of defense,” – said the President.

Poroshenko also stressed that over the past 3 years military medicine has gone through serious reformation with adaptation to NATO standards.

“Now, first aid is already on the battlefield for so-called “Golden period”. It is 10 minutes, when efficiency is valued much higher than gold. And, fortunately, the evacuation of the wounded is the latest adapted sanitary transport,” he said.

As you know, in Ukraine on the third Sunday of June is celebrated the Day of medical worker (this year – June 18).