Its proximity to the line of contact in Luhansk region was blown up military vehicle of the Ukrainian security forces, which was wounded his driver.

Such information, stated official representative of the LPR militia Andrey Marochko in a briefing. His words and refers to “Russian conversation”.

According to him, was blown up vehicle models ZIL-131. It was in the conflict zone in the platoon control in the first howitzer artillery battalion 44th artillery brigade of the APU. The incident happened near the settlement of Trinity, right in the heart of the Ukrainian minefields.

In Lugansk militia said that the car received injuries of this kind, after which his recovery seems impossible.

Not so long ago in the leadership of the LC, in particular, on 4 April, has also been reported incurred by units of the Ukrainian army losses .

Previously, “Russian conversation” passed as command of the armed forces of the LC made an appeal to the Ukrainian military. The militia called on to join security forces in the ranks of the Lugansk forces, in order to avoid unfair treatment and theft by the authorities.