In 2018 Ukraine by the U.S. state Department and the Pentagon may get $ 354 million in military and other financial assistance. Also according to the draft budget are not excluded and deliveries to Ukraine of lethal weapons, has long been diligently begging Kiev.

It is expected that the US state Department in 2018 can provide Ukraine with 204 million dollars for the implementation of reforms in economic and health care spheres. Slightly less, $ 150 million, Kiev can get from the Pentagon as an aid to defense spending, according to “Russian conversation”.

The draft budget States that Ukraine can expect in 2018 to receive high-precision lethal weapons before Congress and the President promised to provide Kiev “Javelin” in name only. Ukraine will receive next year American military equipment, equipment and intelligence support .

A draft consolidated budget for 2018 is also proposed to increase funding for programs “International military financing” (Foreign Military Financing, FMF) to countries in Europe and allies in Asia.

However, figures of financial assistance to Ukraine next year, and also mention in the document of lethal weapons, are not final and may increase both upwards and downwards according to the results of all stages of consideration of the document.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, the expert expressed the view that the United States is afraid to give Ukraine precision weapons, fearing due to the corruption in the government sell it to terrorists.