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Because of this delayed start of the plenary session.

In the Federation Council on Monday the power went out and lost Internet access. Because of this delayed start of the plenary session, which, in particular, should be considered a draft law on “ensuring safe and sustainable functioning” of the Internet in Russia, known as the act of isolation of Runet. The electricity supply was restored 10 minutes later, but there were failures in several systems, reports “Radio Freedom”.

As told RIA Novosti the Federation Council member Oleg Morozov, in the conference room were not working monitors and microphones, most of the staff and the parliamentarians no Internet.

The authors of the bill propose to establish the technical capability of the Russian segment of the network to operate autonomously from the rest of the Internet. Coordinate system needs Roskomnadzor.

In the state Duma claim that the bill “given the aggressive nature adopted in September 2018, the national cyber security Strategy of the United States.”

Critics of the bill fear that the Autonomous network will create opportunities for total censorship on the Internet. In several cities of Russia held rallies for the freedom of the Internet.