A statement by the head of the us Department of Rex Tillerson Washington’s intention to maintain its policy of sanctions against Moscow demolish hopes for establishing normal relations between Russia and the United States.

This opinion on his page on Twitter expressed member of the Federation Council Alexei Pushkov, reports “Russian conversation”.

“Tillerson again promises us the continuation of the sanctions and loyalty to the policies of the Obama. I don’t think on that basis it is possible to build a normal relationship,” wrote the Senator.

Earlier, the head of us diplomacy promised that the us restrictive measures against the Russian side will act, while “Moscow does not fulfill the Minsk agreements and will not return Crimea under the control of Ukraine .”

In addition, speaking at a meeting of foreign Ministers of member countries of the Alliance, he said that “Russian aggression in Ukraine.”

Tillerson’s statements caused confusion in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia. The Ministry regret that such estimates has sounded next day after the meeting of the Council Russia-NATO, where there have been positive developments.