In the first five months 2018 the deficit of the state budget of Ukraine amounted to UAH 9.2 billion



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Business news: According to the Finance Ministry, the state budget for 5 months.-2018 executed with a deficit of 9.2 billion UAH

The deficit of the state budget of Ukraine in January-may 2018 amounted to 9.2 billion UAH, while last year’s budget over this period were drawn with a surplus of 26.5 billion UAH, according to the website of the Ministry of Finance.

According to him, the General Fund budget for five months of this year, a deficit of 14.2 billion UAH, while last year the deficit of the General Fund budget amounted to UAH 6.6 bn.

According to the published data, budget expenditures in January-may 2018 was equal 379,9 billion, 26.6% higher than in the same period of 2017. The Finance Ministry said that expenses for the General Fund increased by 24.8% to 354,1 billion .

The Finance Ministry said the growth of state budget revenues by 13.5% compared to the five months of 2017 before 369,7 billion. General Fund revenues increased by 22.7% to 337,7 billion.

Tax revenues grew by 18.3% – up to 298 billion. Among tax revenues showed the most pronounced growth income tax – 77.9% to 50.6 billion. The revenues from rent payments fell by 41.7% to 13.1 billion UAH.

Non-tax revenues increased by 68% to 68 billion UAH, including 32 billion UAH – funds transferred by the National Bank of Ukraine, UAH 8 billion – a fee for the issuance of licenses to use radio frequencies.