It should be noted that the film had scenes that were shot on a nature or in a mountainous area in Nevada. So, in one of the episodes of westerns about Indians and cowboys in the background you can recognize some semblance of an extraterrestrial flying object. Released footage shows that behind the main characters circled two UFOs. Unfortunately a very big, poor quality video does not provide the ability to assert with confidence about the intervention of alien ships. The sceptics did believe that it was ordinary aircraft. This publication reports the Russian Dialogue.

Some users believe that this is a special equipment for filming, which was the reason for the appearance of glare on the background of mountainous terrain depicted behind the actor.

Before the staff of the International space station has received from an extraterrestrial object, strange signal. The aliens decided to send a message in the form of a haze, resembling a lion. It is likely that signal was came from Planet X.

Recall that the well-known expert Edward Snowden told the world community information about extraterrestrial life, which was contained in the archives of the secret services. In a recent statement, he shocked a conclusion about the absence of aliens on Earth.