In Svaneti (a mountainous region in North-West Georgia) due to melted glacier of Lechery and incessant rains overflowed the river Nenskra and its tributary Enemies that have created serious problems to the residents and infrastructure of the region, informs on Thursday evening, the First channel of the Georgian Public broadcaster.

According to TV channel, powerful streams of water flooded the building and part objects “Mestiachala HPP-1”, demolished the bridge and café, has damaged a water pipe on the territory of the municipality of Mestia, leaving about 70% of the residents of the district center of Mestia without drinking water.

A similar situation in the village of Mulakhi, where streams of water demolished the bridge on the river Mulkhura and other neighboring villages. The locals counted to ten took a water car.

As reported to journalists by the mayor of the municipality of Mestia Kapiton Zhorzholiani, victims and victims among the population there. “On the ground, mobilized equipment, which only subsides the water level will begin work to eliminate the consequences of the disaster,” he said.

In connection with the elements, a special statement was made by Georgian-Austrian company “Svaneti hydro”, built in Svaneti cascade hydropower plants with a total capacity of 50 MW. In it, in particular, it is noted that the area “Mestiachala HPP-1” submerged, although, according to preliminary estimates, the station has not received serious injuries and after cleaning will continue to work normally. “Besides hydropower has fulfilled the function of protecting the village from the disaster,” – said in a statement.