Farmers protest in Kiel, Germany
photo: dpa

In the center of Berlin drove 500 tractors.

On the opening day of the largest international agricultural and food fair “Green week 2020” Friday, January 17, on the streets of German cities returned to protesting farmers, writes

They oppose the tightening of policy in the field of climate protection and animal and require a discussion of the agricultural package of the Federal government.

Tractor marches were held in Berlin, Dresden, Hannover, Bremen, Stuttgart, Nuremberg and other German cities by limiting traffic. The farmers that protested earlier in the year 2019, criticizing, in particular, the planned tightening of the rules for use of fertilizers. One of the norms of the government’s agricultural package in order to protect insects and animals restricts the use of pesticides.

In Berlin and other cities on January 18 the planned actions of environmentalists and animal advocates. They take to the streets with the slogan “We are fed up”, for the sake of environmental protection to require more rigorous laws in the field of agriculture.