Kyiv hopes for prompt consideration of the merits.

In the Hague at 10:00 local time began the first procedural hearing of the Arbitration Tribunal formed in accordance with the UN Convention on the law of the sea, in the case of violation of the immunity of three Ukrainian naval vessels and 24 members of their crews.

Reports about it “European truth”.

The process takes place at the Permanent arbitration court (Permanent Court of Arbitration) at the peace Palace. This is a procedural hearing, so they take place behind closed doors.

The hearings will discuss the time frame of the proceedings, the question of public access to the case materials, to be approved procedural documents, particularly the Rules of the Arbitration Tribunal.

Ukraine hopes for prompt consideration of the merits.

We will remind, the international Tribunal for the law of the sea 25 may 2019 at the request of Ukraine ordered Russia to immediately regain control of Ukraine, “Nikopol”, “Berdyansk” and “Yana Kapu” and 24 members of their crews.

7 Sep 2019 sailors exchanged and returned to Ukraine. November 18, Moscow has returned the seized Kiev in the Kerch Strait Ukrainian ships.

However, as stated by the Deputy foreign Minister Olena zerkal, Ukraine will sue Russia in spite of the return of the ships.

“The order of the International Tribunal was not an end in itself. Our goal was to establish the violation of law, restore it and receive adequate compensation,” – said the Deputy Minister.