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The HAGUE, 29 APR. /Offset. TASS Vitaly Chugin/. A group of activists gathered on Sunday in one of the squares in the Hague to pay tribute to the victims of the tragedy in Odessa on 2 may 2014. They called for an independent investigation into the incident and bringing the perpetrators to justice.

“We have already become a kind of sacred tradition every year to commemorate the events in Odessa and died there the victims of the inhuman and protivokrazhnogo government in Ukraine – said in an interview with TASS, the organizer of the event Dmitry Pisarev. It is our moral duty not to forget people and not let the public forget that the blood of these fallen have not yet been redeemed and that the circumstances of their deaths are not investigated. We believe it is necessary to ensure that the case had not been silent, because, unfortunately, with the passage of time gradually forgotten .”

“Of course we follow the course of the investigation in Odessa, – he said. But what can we say? What could be a year or two ago – that there’s just all descend on the brakes. Probably before the change of power of a breakthrough in this investigation will not.”

The event was attended by and direct participant of those events Oleg Music, which in his speech also drew attention to the fact that after four years, this crime solved and the perpetrators are not punished. “And I have a lot of new investigators, there is a third group already, – he said. We even did not hope that will be a fair investigation.”

For his part, the participant from the Netherlands Anneke de LAF noticed that attend meetings in connection with events in Odessa in 2014. “Then, in 2014, we came to honor memory of victims, and I was sure that the EU or force here in the Netherlands, will pay attention to these events and will insist on conducting a proper investigation, she said. – However, the years pass, however, does not do so, ignore this tragedy and pretend it’s all right. In fact, the regime in Kiev was given complete freedom to do anything, and I don’t understand how my government can support it.”

In Odessa on 2 may 2014, the radical “Right sector” (organization banned in Russia) and the so-called self-defense “Maidan” attacked Kulikovo field activists who were collecting signatures for a referendum on the federalization of Ukraine and granting Russian language a state status. Supporters of federalization were forced to hide in the House of trade unions, but radicals surrounded him and lit it. Blocked in the building of people trying to escape, jumping out of Windows from different floors, and the radicals continued to throw stones and bottles with an incendiary mix. In those tragic events has killed 48 people, more than 240 were injured. The authorities acknowledged the instigators of the riots, 22 people, arrested solely of supporters of the “Maidan”.