Photo: Protests in the Hague

The participants of the protest action demand to allow the traditional new year’s bonfire on the beach, which last year started a major fire.

In the Netherlands, the inhabitants of one of districts of the Hague, right in the middle of the street set fire to tires in protest against the ban on traditional new year’s bonfire on the beach, said on Wednesday, December 4, UKRINFORM.

People are throwing into the flames the tires, benches, chairs and other things.

The protest in the area Duindorp began at the weekend. The rally in the evenings are about 40-50 people. The night before, the police detained 12 people, six of whom are minors.

It is noted that in the last year during celebrating New year there was a massive fire on the beach in Scheveningen. There has traditionally torched the two towers of pallets, but the fire got out of control, engulfing nearby homes and dozens of cars.

It turned out that the tower was built with a height of 48 meters, and the standards their height cannot exceed 35 feet. Due to harsh criticism in connection with the fire, the mayor of the Hague Paulina Krikke was forced to resign.

As established by the security Council of the Netherlands, the municipality knew that the towers were erected in violation of the rules, but didn’t interfere.

The tradition of lighting the two towers of wooden pallets in the new year’s eve began with the 1990-ies – so the residents of Duindorp and neighbouring Scheveningen compete for the biggest bonfire in the Netherlands.



We will remind, last week in the Hague, an unknown attacker with a knife at people. Was wounded three teenagers. Soon the attacker was detained.

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